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Why I Started My Blog

March 4, 2022

Many factors play into why I started my blog, but we don’t have all day, do we?

I’ve always loved the idea of having a blog, and I’ve journaled for a long time, but life “got in the way,” as some might say. In my “perfect world,” I planned to start this blog a long time ago, but it didn’t play out that way.

Life can be challenging…

Growing up, I thought that my 20’s would be the best part of my life, but they weren’t; they were my learning years, the trying years, the “will I make it through this?” years. Unfortunately, I was still trying to figure things out in my 30’s. I want to say that I just skated through every challenge that life gave me, but I didn’t—some things I couldn’t have prepared for in a million years. You never know what is coming next; you can never thoroughly plan your life-it is full of surprises, some good, some bad. 

Now, at 41, although I don’t have everything figured out, I have a better grasp on life; I can share about the things I’ve experienced and how I handled them. 

There is more out there…

After losing my job a few months ago, I thought, “I’m working for other people, and I can’t feel safe or secure with my job because my boss is jealous of me?” “Really?” I put all my time and effort into others for their business only to be dismissed for jealousy-I’m talking about grown adults here. This made me feel uncertain and untrusting and I wasn’t going to go another day feeling that way. I decided, this is not what I’m going to have for my life; I know there’s something better than this out there. I started picturing my life and all the time I put into others so they could be successful and decided to put that effort into myself for my success. And I thought, “what better time than now to start this blog I’ve been thinking about forever?” What a perfect way to occupy my time and do what I love.

Fear has no place…

The one wall that I kept facing was my own thoughts of “you’re too late”…and I’ve heard the, “there are a bunch of twenty-somethings out there doing what you want to do”-which is true; however, none of them are me, and they haven’t lived my life. So I kept saying to myself, “don’t be afraid to be a beginner,” and I started typing away! I never want fear to play a part in any decision I make; It will hold you back from many things if you let it.

REMINDER: Every person starts at zero, the bottom, with no one.

In a nutshell, I started this blog because I wanted to. Now feels like a good time to make a dream come true, don’t you think?


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