14 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

March 7, 2022

By the time you hit 40, you’ve gathered some life experience and learned a few things along the way-you hope so anyway.

During my 20’s, I remember thinking 40 is so far away, like so-many-years-away. “I pretty much have forever until I get there.” 

That’s when I made the same mistake that every person on planet earth makes; the mistake of time, we think we have it, but we don’t. 

Now, at 41, I have a list of things I think back on and “wish” I could do over again. But, when you’re in the moment, you’re not really thinking about how it will affect your future in most cases. For instance, I knew that tanning beds weren’t good for my skin, but I still worked at a tanning salon and tanned for free-daily. I knew that you lose loved ones in your life, but I didn’t expect to lose my daddy when I was 31. I was taught, and I believed, that God is faithful, but I didn’t know He would bring me out of the depths of despair more than once. 

Do you get what I’m saying??

West Palm Beach, FL

I’ve written a list of 14 things that I would tell my younger self. No matter what stage of life you’re in, I bet you’ll relate to at least one of these. I could probably come up with a hundred more but this is a good start:

  • Wear sunscreen. Do not use a tanning bed. 
  • Do not get a tattoo during an emotional time.
  • Listen to your gut. It’s not telling you that for no reason!
  • Be a leader. Be you. 
  • Stand up for yourself. Although you hate confrontation, you have to do it sometimes, or people will take advantage of you.
  • Do the right thing. You know what’s right, so do it.
  • “Cherish your loved ones” is not just a cliché. You’ll miss this time.
  • Hurt people hurt people. Always remember that. 
  • Mindset really does matter. It can change everything. The power of positive thinking is real. 
  • It’s in the most challenging times that you’ll find your “REAL” friends. And yes, you’ll be surprised with who stays and who goes.
  • Nothing and no one is perfect, so don’t try to be.
  • Don’t make emotional/rash decisions! WAIT. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Life is short. So short. Do not take one day or one person for granted.
  • GOD IS FAITHFUL. Never doubt that. 

Although I can’t go back in time and change things, I have learned from all of these and live life a little differently now. Of course, we all wish that we had done something different at some point in our lives, but the truth is, we are human; we tend to lean towards what makes us feel good at that moment. So I encourage you to stop and think; is there anything you’re doing that your future self might disagree with or want you to do differently? 


P.S. Wear sunscreen!!!

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