I'm Kodi. I was born and raised in Colorado, spent some time living in Oklahoma and now Kansas, where I live with my boyfriend of 7+ years, Jason. Together we have four dogs; 3 German Shorthaired Pointers-Tuck, Sweep, and Blaze, and then we have my little 8lb Morkie girl -Chewy. The Pointers are hunting dogs that I knew nothing about until I met Jason, but now I am fascinated, and Chewy is my sidekick, literally, never leaves my side, and I think it's the cutest thing! Unfortunately, I don't have any children due to a battle with infertility in my mid 20's which has led me only to have fur babies.

Since July 2019, I've lived an alcohol-free life, and I love every minute of it. After I stopped drinking alcohol and with my newly discovered "clear" mind, I started journaling; fast forward 2½ years and was born.

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about all things fashion and beauty. I often get told that I'm "overdressed," and Jason frequently tells me, "we're going to the store, not a fashion show!" but what can I say? It's in my blood! I've tried nearly every brand of every product and every piece of clothing out there (exaggerating but not really), so I definitely have my favorites, and I've gathered a few tips and tricks along the way also. I wouldn't be doing my due diligence if I kept this all to myself!

As we all know, in the midst of the fun stuff, life happens. I have faced situations where my only option was to lean on God and trust in His power and His strength, situations that challenged me to my very core, and in these moments, He carried me. My faith has seen me through every high and low. My faith is my one constant.

So, that is who I am in a short summary! I truly appreciate you taking your time to visit and I'm so glad you are here with me!


"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Jeremiah 29:11

Fun Facts:

I am named after Cody, Wyoming-my mom decided to spell it with a K and an I to make it feminine.


I have five tattoos, 2 of which are coverups; I used to have a nose and lip piercing.


I’ve never liked cooking and used to avoid it as much as possible until recently; now I enjoy it, but I have to have a recipe to follow, or I won’t do it.


I aspire to write a book, a memoir and fully intend to do so.


I am a HUGE football fan! I’ve never been to a pro game, but one of the many items on my bucket list is seeing the Denver Broncos in person! GO BRONCOS!